Welcome to The Practice of Sūrya Namaskāra

I am so excited to share these next four weeks with you as we learn and practice sacred sound and devotional movement. Check out the intro videos and content here to prepare us for this journey together!

Spiritual ritual has gotten lost in our everyday life. We wake up to the cell phone, computer or the TV news. I am going to teach you a beautiful simple ritual that will give you heightened energy, confidence, vitality and inner strength. It can also allow you to feel your connection to the natural world around you and connect you to your Inner Light, Your Truth!

I have developed this program to share an accessible but powerful practice that can tap you into YOUR LIGHT! In four weeks you will master this ritual. You will develop a daily personal physical and spiritual practice that can be modified to your body on a daily basis! Let's get started!

Please enjoy this download of "You Are the Sun" by my band, Sonic Bliss Kirtan off of the album, Out of the Mystics.

*Each week, starting on January 1st, you will be sent an email that will unlock that week's content for you. You will receive the email on Mondays at 10AM Eastern. But just so you know, the content is opened to you at midnight before that so if you wanted to practice with the new content in the morning before 10AM you can do that by logging into the course directly.